Fundraising Campaign for New Computer Server Succeeds

The campaign to raise funds for a new computer server for SteppingStone has been a huge success, raising more than the $20,000 goal.

The campaign was led by members of Steppingstone’s Board of Directors who agreed to match up to $10,000 in donations from supporters for the new server. In response to that appeal, the agency received many contributions over the last ten weeks totaling $12,540. Board members Maelin Wang, Rachel Shu, Betty Shon, Emma White, Jane Yang and Bruce Carp matched $10,000 as promised, bringing the total to $22,540. 

Board President Bruce Carp thanked SteppingStone’s supporters for their help in reaching our goal. “We are grateful to the many donors that supported us in this campaign. Thank you to everyone that contributed. It’s meaningful to all of us on the Board.”

With the funds raised Steppingstone’s longtime tech support team, Silverback Inc., will be moving forward with the complex task of purchasing the multiple elements of the new server and transferring the agency’s data to the new system.

“We are very happy to move forwards with this modernization project for SteppingStone which will have many steps including purchasing and provisioning new server equipment and virtual servers, installing new software including security applications and transferring existing systems and data.  We will be coordinating the upgrade project carefully with SteppingStone staff and hope the project will be done by the end of the year”, said Silverback CEO Dirk McManus.

Thank you to everyone that helped with this campaign. The new server will help Steppingstone fulfill its mission for years to come.



事前,得本會董事會同意,籌款活動若能獲得一萬元,董事會將捐出配合款一萬元,於過去十週內本中心共籌得一萬二千五百四十元。承蒙董事:Maelen Wang、Rachel Shu、Betty Shon 、Emma White、Jane Yang和Bruce Carp 共同捐出配合款一萬元,因而此次獲款二萬二千五百四十元。

董事會主席Bruce Carp 感謝諸位磐石護老中心支持者,達成此一目標。本中心同仁向諸位支持仁人,致以十二萬分謝意。

據本中心科技顧問公司Silverback 執行長透露,此次工作目標是以多元化為主,除了更新設備,將原有中心的資料以及數據輸入新電腦系統,以提供現代化服務。安裝新軟件,包括安全應用程式,調整協調功能等等,預計在年底前完工。



From the Executive Director

Thinking about the past eight years I have worked at SteppingStone, I am reminded of the hard work and change that not only SteppingStone has endured, but all Adult Day Health Care programs in California. It is through resourcefulness and resiliency that SteppingStone has met the challenges and pushed forward.

In spite of the increasing cost of living and stagnant state funding for over eleven years we provided, without fail, quality service to frail seniors and adults with disabilities. Now, through a strong advocacy effort we have now received a 20% rate increase for SteppingStone and all the ADHC providers in San Francisco.

There are many needs for this added funding, which will allow SteppingStone to improve services, continue to grow and build a sustainable future. In the near term, we will use this opportunity to upgrade our food service program, computer server and transportation.

It is time to pass SteppingStone on to a new leader, for them to take the agency to the next level. And so on October 1, I stepped down as Executive Director and passed the torch to John Tinloy as interim Executive Director. I am confident that John, having worked with SteppingStone since 1987, will bring deep wisdom, dedication and stewardship to the exciting period of growth ahead.

I take pride in working at SteppingStone these past eight years. Starting as a social worker assistant, I worked directly supporting frail seniors and adults with disabilities. Later I led staff in providing service as the Program Director of our Mabini Center.  For the last few years, I have served as Executive Director, advocating, administrating and leading SteppingStone forward to fulfill our mission.

I will miss the kind and faithful staff at the four centers who have inspired me with their care in serving this population. I know you will continue to work hard to provide the best possible care to our participants.

Thank you all for your kindness to me over these last years and your support of SteppingStone. It has been honor.

Best wishes,



A Note from the Interim Executive Director

I am honored to serve as SteppingStone’s Interim Executive Director.

 I have served this agency for over 26 years as a Social Worker and as the Program Director at three of our four Centers. I am committed to helping the organization continue its mission of supporting independent living for elders and adults with disabilities. 

Over the last few weeks I have visited each Center to engage with staff and clarify our vision of providing the best adult day health care services to the people of San Francisco.  To achieve that I encourage a culture that supports staff and provides the best possible participant care experience. 

Maximum utilization of our Centers will enhance our financial sustainability and our ability to achieve this vision. I will be guiding our outreach efforts to attract and serve additional participants. 

I am proud to help SteppingStone on its continued journey of growth and development. 

– John Tinloy, LCSW


Nurses Launch Project to Update SteppingStone Procedures

Two graduate students from the UCSF School of Nursing are undertaking a project to help SteppingStone update its nursing policies and procedures. The project is the brainchild of SteppingStone RN Jim Gatewood who is completing a Master’s degree in geriatric nursing at UCSF and fellow student Anjali Asrani. Jim is also the Nurse Navigator for SteppingStone’s LGBTQ project.

As part of their studies at UCSF Jim and Anjali proposed a project to update SteppingStone’s policies and procedures for nurses. As keeping procedures current is an ongoing need this proposal was quickly accepted by SteppingStone and approved by the faculty at UCSF.

“We always strive to maintain best practices so bringing the expertise of UCSF graduate students to that process is a welcome development.” commented Mission Creek Program Director Diana Almanza.

“It seemed to me to be a good fit” said Gatewood. “as I am already at both USCF and SteppingStone every week. Using what Anjali and I are learning in the Master’s Program to inform SteppingStone’s nursing policies just makes sense.”

SteppingStone is grateful for the efforts of Jim and Anjali and hopes to have additional connections to the UCSF School of Nursing, one of the premiere institutions of its kind in the nation. Nurses are at the core of the care SteppingStone provides our participants so anything we can do to support them we are glad to do. This project is one such effort.