SteppingStone’s Oases in the Tenderloin

In the heart of the Tenderloin are two oases, safe places of community and health care. These are SteppingStone’s Presentation Adult Day Health Center at 301 Ellis Street and the Golden Gate Adult Day Health Center at 350 Golden Gate Avenue.


SteppingStone’s roots in the Tenderloin are deep. The agency was born in the Tenderloin in 1983 on 333 Turk Street in the back room of The North of Market Senior Services that was to become the Curry Senior Center. The mission then, as now, was to help frail elders and adults with disabilities maintain their health and independence. Like all SteppingStone ADHC Centers they offered a wide range of services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work services, personal care, skilled nursing, recreational activities, door-to-door transportation and a hot lunch.

In the early days, the organization’s name was North and South of Market Adult Day Health and occupied several locations over the decades including Turk Street, Geary Street, Jones Street and now Ellis Street and Golden Gate Avenue. John Tinloy, now SteppingStone’s Director of Programs and Outreach, was first hired in 1987 as a Social Worker at the Geary Street location. During his lengthy career at SteppingStone John served as the Program Director for the Presentation, Mabini and Mission Creek Centers. 


The Golden Gate Center was built to be co-located in the Madonna Residence housing at 350 Golden Gate in 2000. It currently has 53 participants some of who have been with program nineteen years. It has 14 staff some of who have been with the Center for over a decade. 

“Our participants are happy here,” says Golden Gate Program Director Martina Leader. “Often, at the end of the shift, they want to stay and continue to enjoy this Center and their friends. I wish more people in the Tenderloin would take advantage of our services. It would help them stay healthy, socialize and make new friends.” 

Besides the many therapeutic activities at the Center Golden Gate, participants enjoy music therapy and field trips, most recently to COSTCO. 

Presentation Center opened in 2001 within the Mercy Housing complex and is located next to Glide Memorial Church. It takes its name from the Presentation School that once occupied the site. John Tinloy was the first Program Director, a position now held by Nicole Clause, who in 2001 was the Center’s Activity Coordinator. Besides Nicole, two other staff members have been with the Center since it opened (Karen Lee and Monvipa San Pietro) and another six have worked there for over a decade. Overall Presentation has seventeen staff members serving seventy-five participants. Five of the Center’s participants began attending in 2001 and one current participant has been with the program since opening day nearly 18 years ago. 


“The Tenderloin has become more dangerous since the Center opened,” commented Program Director Nicole Clause. “But here is a safe, clean and healing space where our participants can receive care and have fun. There is a growing need for the type of service we provide, not just in this neighborhood, but throughout San Francisco.”

Presentation has many activities, all conducted in both Cantonese and English. These include a choral group made up of participants, the Rainbow Choir. The Center prides itself on special events, some for holidays and others created just for the enjoyment of participants. There is also an excellent music therapy program. 

“Most of all I want to let people know that at our Centers participants receive more than health care. They experience a sense of belonging. Each Center is a community and we care for each other.” Says Program Director Clause. “I hope more San Franciscans will check us out. We can help you maintain your health and you’ll have fun.”

田德龍區的綠洲 —磐石


田德龍區有两个绿洲,提供安全的社区和医疗保健场所。 这就是SteppingStone在301 Ellis Street的成人日間健康中心和350  Golden Gate Ave的金門成人日間健康中心。

“磐石”與田德龍區的淵源颇深。CurryCenter  1983年始創於333 Turk Street即北Market耆英中心。 其任务乃帮助体弱长者和残疾成年人保健務期使之能独立生活。 與所有SteppingStone ADHC中心相同,提供多元化的服务,包括物理治疗,职业治疗,咨询,个人护理,专业护理,娱乐活动,送热午餐等等。

早期,該組織的名稱為南,北市場街日間成人健康與職業介紹,幾十年來有了多個地點,包括Turk Street,  Geary Street,  Jones Street與現今的Ellis Street and Golden Gate Ave。 John Tinloy現任“磐石”的計畫和發展主管,於1987年首次被聘為Geary Street社工。 在“磐石”的長期職業生涯中,John 負責編列計畫,為Mabini和Mission Creek中心的項目總監。

金門中心始建於2000年,位於350 Golden Gate的Madonna Residence住宅區。目前有53名會員,其中一些人已參與了19年。現有員工十四人,其中一些人在中心已服務十餘年。

“我們的會員在這裡很開心,”金門項目總監Martina Leader說。 “通常,在輪班結束時,他們希望繼續留下與中心朋友共處。希望田德隆區有更多人利用我們的服務。這將有助於他們保持健康,社交和結交新朋友。“


Presentation Center於2001年在Mercy Housing大樓內成立,毗鄰Glide Memorial Church。名字取自Presentation School。 John Tinloy是第一位計畫主任,如今由Nicole Clause擔任,他在2001年擔任該中心的活動協調員。除Nicole外,Karen Lee和Monvipa San Pietro自成立至今一直服務於本中心,另有六名工作人員在在此工作十餘年。Presentation Center計有有工作人員17名為75名參與者提供服務。該中心有五名參與者於2001年進入本中心,其中一位自18年前的開幕日以來一直參與該計劃。

雖然自中心成立以來,田德龍區治安日益變差,”項目總監Nicole Clause評論道。 “但這裡却有一個安全,乾淨,康復的空間,讓我們的會員們可以得到照護同时也能享受樂趣。我們提供的服務類型越來越被需要,不僅是本社區,而且是整個舊金山。“


“最重要的是,我想讓人們知道,在我們的中心,參與者獲得的不僅只是醫療保健。更重要的是讓他們體驗歸屬感。每個中心都是一個社區,我們彼此互相關懷。“計畫主任說。 “希望有更多三藩市居民能来參與我們的活動。我們不但可以幫助您保持身體健康,更能讓您享受無窮的樂趣。“

Participants at Presentation Center

Participants at Presentation Center

Music Therapy at Presentation Center

Music Therapy at Presentation Center

Participants at Golden Gate Center

Participants at Golden Gate Center

Staff at Golden Gate Center

Staff at Golden Gate Center

From the Executive Director


Dear SteppingStone Community,

In the short time I’ve the pleasure of serving as SteppingStone’s executive director, I’ve come to realize how fortunate I am to lead such a committed team of professionals fulfilling such a vital mission. 

SteppingStone’s desire and obligation to help chronically ill seniors and adults with disabilities who have been marginalized by numerous factors fills an essential community need supporting San Francisco’s senior population to age in place. Our work allows seniors to maintain their physical and emotional health and it reduces their fears of isolation and loneliness by connecting daily with our centers communities. We like to say, “Our seniors come for the health and stay for the community.” These are communities that are vibrant, multi-cultural, nourishing, engaging, and comforting. Which brings me to our staff. 

From the program aides to the activity coordinators to the social workers to the therapists and nurses to the administrative assistant to the program directors and senior managers, SteppingStone’s staff are among the most dedicated and compassionate people I’ve been associated with professionally. I witness their care and compassion regularly as they assist an exceptionally diverse clientele with cultural sensitivity and responsiveness that lends to
a constructive and upbeat client experience. Not only are they effective and efficient in their daily routines,  our staff are flexible in their approach to new initiatives and therapies. 

Our staff have embraced recent cultural competency trainings, evidence-based care approaches such as trauma-informed care, music therapy sessions, and a body dynamics class that engages our elders and adults with disabilities with a unique approach to exercise, just to name a few. Their work with the homeless, veteran’s, and the LGBTQ populations portends employing distinct methodologies to break down barriers and provide supportive and thoughtful attention. This kind of suppleness helps create an inclusive environment for clients of all ethnicities, races, gender-identities, and disabilities to become a part of and share. 

All of which makes SteppingStone a thriving, healthy community we can be proud of.
Our community is a collection of its clientele, staff, board, and supportive stakeholders to whom
we are especially grateful.
Thank you all.

—Daniel Gallagher