We believe that everyone is special

 That is why we offer services that cater to you, or your family member's individual care plan. Ranging from medication management to health and nutrition services to physically and mentally challenging activities, we strive to help participants strengthen mind, body and spirit. we will be at your side, helping you maintain your independent spirit, while improving your quality of life and well being.

Morning and Afternoon Care Schedule 

All SteppingStone Centers operate a morning schedule every weekday and one, the Mission Creek Center, offers an afternoon shift Monday through Thursday. All offer the professional services below.



Improving Health and Quality of Life.

We all want to live in our own home as we age, but adults with disabilities and many seniors — particularly those who are frail and low-income — face obstacles in maintaining their independence.

Common obstacles include:

  • A lack of affordable and appropriate housing options
  • Chronic health conditions
  • Few opportunities for safe forms of physical activity, making it more difficult to remain healthy and engaged
  • No primary caregiver
  • Inadequate transportation options
  • Limited information about available health and supportive services in their community
  • Limited opportunities for meaningful connection within the community

Our Healthcare Services

SteppingStone’s innovative Adult Day Health Care program offers a compassionate, comprehensive, and cost-effective care option for both frail, low-income seniors and adults with disabilities who live alone and/or lack a primary care giver. 

Skilled Nursing Care
To monitor, intervene, and treat health conditions before they become acute. Our dedicated nursing staff provides medication management, health education, and works directly with you and your own doctor to ensure you achieve and maintain an optimum level of health.

Individualized Dietary and Nutrition Services
Critical to improving and maintaining good health. SteppingStone ensures that each participant receives a healthy and delicious hot lunch that meets your medical needs. We also provide healthy snacks and offer nutrition education at each of our Centers.

Personal Care
Provides participants with the individualized health and hygiene assistance they need to maintain their dignity and independence.



Building Strength & Self-Confidence

The primary goal of SteppingStone’s ADHC program is to improve the mental and physical health and well-being of our diverse clientele while supporting them in remaining independent within their community.

Our Therapy Services

Many of our participants first come to one of our four ADHC Centers after being released from the hospital or a skilled nursing facility, where they were recovering from an illness, stroke, or injury. SteppingStone provides the comprehensive therapies our participants need in order to regain their strength and mobility and their independence within their community.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy is critical to individual success in our program. It restores and strengthens large muscle functioning that is required for daily living activities and also helps to prevent falls. Each of our participants have unique needs such as rebuilding strength after a stroke, re-gaining mobility after surgery, or learning to improve their balance to prevent falls and accidents.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy helps participants to restore and maintain the independent living skills needed to manage everyday household activities such as getting dressed, preparing a meal, or unpacking and putting away groceries.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapy helps to restore an individual's ability to communicate through verbal or alternative means, addresses swallowing problems that may be associated with neurological conditions, and reduces the risk of pneumonia or choking.



Support That Goes the Extra Mile.

At SteppingStone, our Social Work team works with participants to ensure they have access to the community services they need to live their best life. Whether a client needs assistance with finding housing, understanding their healthcare benefits, or navigating the city's social service system, SteppingStone will be there to help.

Medical Social Work Services

At SteppingStone, our staff is up to date on all of the benefits and community-based services that may be available to you. We help you to navigate what can be a complex system, and we are here to support you when an unexpected crises arises.

Connecting to Community Services
Whether you need assistance with housing or a referral to a primary care physician in your neighborhood, our Social Work team will help you connect with vital services.
Crisis Intervention
if you experience a medical or psychiatric crises, SteppingStone will be there by your side. We will help you navigate the system to get you the proper care you need. Once the crisis has been addressed, we will stay in regular communication with your treating physician and your family caregiver, should you have one.

Patient Advocacy
Our Medical Social Work team will help you to understand your health benefits and advocate for your rights. With ongoing changes to MediCal and MediCare our staff will ensure that you get the coverage that you are entitled to under the law.



Have fun. Get engaged. Enjoy better health.

Each month, SteppingStone serves 300 frail, low-income seniors and adults with disabilities living in San Francisco. While our clients have a varying degree of health care needs, they all require some level of assistance in order to continue to live independently.

Our Activities

With the support, health services, and health care management that SteppingStone provides, our clients have the opportunity to improve their physical health and well-being. By receiving treatment, they also become a part of a caring and supportive community. At SteppingStone, we believe that being active and engaged is critical to improving both physical and mental health. To this end, we offer a wide variety of activities to meet the interests of our diverse clientele.

  • To stimulate the mind, help develop focus and concentration, and to provide an intellectual challenge.
  • To decrease isolation and depression, create opportunities for connecting with others, and to build community.
  • To stimulate the senses.
  • To honor the unique heritage of each of our participants.
  • Activities like gentle stretching and Tai Chi strengthen mind, body, and spirit and help to ease pain, lessen anxiety, and increase an overall feeling of well-being.
  • Fun and interactive games such as indoor balloon volleyball, bowling, and our walking club help build strength and emphasize teamwork.
  • Projects, such as painting, knitting, quilting, collage, clay modeling, poetry writing, and singing provides a non-verbal way for participants to express their creative selves and breaks down cultural and language barriersRegular outings in San Francisco, which may include a museum field trip, a picnic in Golden Gate Park, or a San Francisco Giants game, stimulate all of the senses and are a real treat for our participants.


Leave the Driving to Us

SteppingStone provides door-to-door transportation from your home in San Francisco to one of our four Adult Day Health Centers. Our vans are wheelchair accessible and are staffed by courteous and safe drivers who provide personal assistance to all passengers.

A Caring, Helping Hand

At SteppingStone, we do whatever we can to help remove the obstacles -- like a lack of transportation -- that might prevent you from being able to participate in our Adult Day Health Care program. We also go the extra mile in making you or your loved one feel welcome when you arrive each day.

Once you have safely disembarked the van, our staff will be there to greet you with a smile. Once inside, you will begin your day with a healthy snack followed by a day filled with therapeutic and social activities and a nutritious hot lunch. At around 2:00 PM, our vans return to each center to safely escort you or your loved one back home. Of course for those participants who reside onsite where one of our Center's is co-located with affordable senior housing, SteppingStone is just an elevator ride away!