Providing Excellent Health Care Daily

For over 35 years, SteppingStone has provided adult day health care at our Centers to hundreds of older adults and adults with disabilities.  Program participants attend their Center two to five days a week receiving multiple therapies during each four-hour care shift.  They also have a hot nutritious lunch, see friends and have fun.   SteppingStone is fully compliant with all COVID guidelines as well as taking additional steps to keep our clients free from infection.  Enhanced Care Management is also offered to all participants that need it.

Teams of Expert Clinicians

Care is provided through teams of clinicians working from each of our three Centers. All teams include nurses, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, activities coordinators and other clinicians.

This team develops individualized care plans for every client then provides treatment on an ongoing basis connecting with participants multiple times each week, often daily. All Center teams are able to provide services in multiple languages.

The team strives to meet each client’s needs including health issues, medication management, food insecurity and social interaction. Advocacy on behalf of clients with other health providers and agencies is often needed. SteppingStone provides support for family caregivers for clients with dementia through its partnership with the Family Caregiver Alliance.  Enhanced Care Management is provided to participants that need it to supplement the care and support they receive when attending their ADHC Center.

Teams of Expert Clinicians

Services Provided by SteppingStone

Care coordination and referrals

Communication with primary care physician

Medication management and monitoring

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms

Screening for COVID-19 symptoms

Health assessment and Wellness checks

Behavioral health screenings

Health training and education

Enhanced Care Management

Personal Care

Psychosocial/Caregiver support

Therapeutic activities including physical and occupational therapy

Advocacy with other health care providers and service agencies