Speaking from the Heart

Over the years, we have had the privilege to help thousands of frail seniors and adults with disabilities manage their health conditions. We've helped them maintain their independence while promoting their happiness and well-being.

Read what our members, friends, colleagues and caregivers are saying about SteppingStone.

I enjoy being with people and talking to them. Presentation Adult Day Health has a good atmosphere. Everyone is happy and jolly. They are singing and dancing all the time.
— Ms. G

Ms. G is an 84-year-old participant who lives with family in subsidized housing nearby. Due to her constant pain in her right knee and left shoulder, she cannot walk for a long distance. Her poor vision affects her movement as well as her daily activities, and she requires an escort for outings at all times for fear of falling. She also receives about 90hrs of In-Home Support Services per month to help her manage her daily needs. But that does not prevent Ms. G from participating in the Presentation Adult Day Health community.

By attending SteppingStone, Ms. G benefits from the services that help to relieve her stress and pain, as well as to prevent isolation and maintain her ability to live independently within the community. She especially enjoys coming here for the socialization and exercise.

I like all of the activities at SteppingStone. I enjoy doing exercise, which is good since I’m Italian and we like to eat. I like the people here most of all.” — Mrs. B

“I am so thankful because you have made my life easier. I know that mom always takes her medication and she has an established routine that she enjoys.” — Mrs. B’s Daughter


Mrs. B, who suffers from dementia and schizophrenia, had been recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital when she first came to SteppingStone, and was very agitated on her first day here. After the hospital, she was anxious about this new program — we had to call her daughter three times that day to convince her to stay. Now, two years later, Mrs. B attends our center three days a week and warmly greets the staff with a hug and a smile each morning.

Developing friendships with other participants, Mrs. B has benefitted greatly from the socialization that she receives in our community setting. Our nurses administer her psychiatric medications at the center, manage her frequent MD appointments and keep in touch with her daughter, who lives outside of the city. Mrs. B’s regular attendance and routine at ADH has made it possible for her to continue to live independently within her chosen community.

Before I came to SteppingStone, I was alone without a home. Now I have a new family who cares for me. My bones are stronger, too, so I can walk around and be a friend to others.

Formerly homeless, a 77-year-old Korean woman came to our partner housing community following her attempted suicide, which was brought on because her children refused to care for her. Three years later, she has found a new family and stability within the SteppingStone ADHC community where she has found a new purpose and reason for living. She has become a strong friend to others in the program and looks out for those who are frailer than she.

Not only does she care for those in the community, she continues to care for herself. Using our physical therapy program, she has strengthened her legs and forestalled her chronic pain from osteoporosis.

It was confusing managing our doctors appointments and keeping the paperwork straight; it was a constant struggle. Some of the medications we took made us sick. We feel so much better now and have peace of mind. Our son is so relieved.

Before attending Presentation Adult Day Health Care program, a husband and wife were having difficulties managing their health care, medications, and medical appointments.

As the result of joining our community two years ago, our nurses assisted the couple in eliminating unnecessary medical providers and prescriptions, which simplified and streamlined their medications to avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions. Additionally, the couple’s son, who was their primary provider, was given much needed respite.