The important work of SteppingStone happens at our four Centers where every weekday hundreds of frail elders and disabled adults receive care, socialize with friends and attend special events. All together SteppingStone provided over 50,000 days of care for our participants in 2018. Brief reports from each Center are in this newsletter. 

There have also been several important agency-wide events. These include:

New Executive Director—Daniel Gallagher

The Board of Directors of SteppingStone Adult Day Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Gallagher as our new Executive Director effective November 19, 2018. 

Dan has had decades of experience providing service and support for several of the Bay Area's most disadvantaged and marginalized groups. A native of San Francisco, he spent twenty-five years with Catholic Charities, primarily helping troubled youth. His passionate advocacy of the most vulnerable will certainly expand to SteppingStone's frail elderly and disabled adults. John Tinloy, who served as Interim Executive Director, will support Dan during the transition as he gets familiar with SteppingStone. 

Medi-Cal Fee Increased

After eleven years with a flat fee, SteppingStone and other agencies providing adult health received a 20% increase in 2018. This was urgently needed given the high costs of running an agency in San Francisco and will allow SteppingStone to implement many needed improvements.

Double Shift Completes First Full Year

The double-shift at our Mission Creek Center (both morning and afternoon) has now been operational for a full twelve months. This represents a 20% increase in SteppingStone's capacity and provides many opportunities for future growth. 

LGBTQ Project Begins

Using the extra capacity provided by the double-shift, SteppingStone launched in January an LGBTQ program element at our Mission Creek Center. This project is being undertaken in partnership with Openhouse, the LGBTQ senior services agency and is the first of its kind in California and only the second LGBTQ ADHC program in the nation.

Music Therapy Program Begins

With a grant from the Joseph and Vera Long Foundation SteppingStone has begun an individualized music intervention program for participants with dementia. This consists of providing participants with music devices such as MP3 Player preloaded with music familiar to a specific participant. Many clients have found it very enjoyable and that it makes some activities easier.

New Food Vendor for Lunches

All participants receive a hot lunch at our Centers and we want the lunches to be as tasty as possible. To offer meals more to our clients liking SteppingStone changed food service to Paparikas this summer. The response from all Centers has been very positive.

2018 “磐石“ 簡訊



新任行政董事—Dan Gallagher

磐石護老中心董事長宣布自2018年11月19 起由Dan Gallagher 接任本中心任行政董事一職。

Dan 生於灣區 長於灣區,曾服務於本地弱勢及邊緣化團體: 有25年在Catholic Charities 負責的問題少年工作。他的熱心服務精神將有助於本中心之 體弱及殘障長者。代理 行政董事 John Tinloy 亦會於交接期間協助Dan 以熟悉本中心之業務。


白卡持有者日照費十一年來未有改變,自2018年起社安局將日照費提升20%, 對高消費的舊金山的日照中心來說,幫助甚大。


Mission Creek Center 今年提供了雙班制(上午班及下午班)服務。增加20% 費用,使Stepping Stone 為未來發展提供了更多機會。

開展對LGBTQ 計畫

Stepping Stone Mission Creek Center自一月份推出了LGBTQ雙班制計畫。 該項目正與OpenHouse合作開展。此一為LGBTQ耆英服務機構,乃全美第二個LGBTQ ADHC 計畫。


在Joseph 和 Vera Long 基金會協助下,Stepping Stone已經開始為弱智患者提供個別化的音樂治療計畫。 該計畫包括為參與者提供音樂設備。例如預裝特定參與者熟悉音樂的MP3 播放器。許多客戶發現它非常有趣,因而使一些活動更易於推行。


本中心對參與者提供美味可口午餐。自今年夏天起,Stepping Stone 為使會員獲得更優質的午餐,因而改聘Paparikas 主辦午餐服務,各中心均有良好的回應。



Throughout the year of 2018, the Golden Gate staff have continued to strive for excellence by providing the highest standards of care and person centered services for the individuals they serve. Participants enjoyed a wide range of recreational activities such as Bingo, Bowling etc. On February 14th Golden Gate Center celebrated Chinese new year week with a lion dancers performance. October 2018 the staff and the participants at the Golden Gate Center are excited to welcome Linda Hennessy to the team for the role of Occupational Therapist, and we would also like to congratulate Peter Young on his promotion from Social Worker Assistant to the role of Social Worker.
Martina Leader, Program Director
Golden Gate Center



Mission Creek is unique in that it has a very diverse staff and Participant population and because of that we strive to have a deep understanding of cultures from around the world. We have learned to not just appreciate this but celebrate it as well; we have found that differences, not our similarities is what makes Mission Creek an interesting ADHC.

Our partnership with Openhouse has resulted in the launching of the LGBTQ project which has enriched and enhanced our program. We began our push for more inclusive services with extensive training to familiarize our hardworking staff with foundational knowledge and best practices for serving these underserved communities. We made sweeping changes to create a more culturally-affirming environment—developing stronger safety policies, revising our nursing intake, and hosting outreach events like our new art exhibition and a series of drag shows featuring older adult performers.
Diana Almanza, Program Director
Mission Creek Center



The holidays are a time of thanksgiving and celebration and we have a LOT to celebrate and be thankful for here at Presentation center! We have a very dedicated and loving team of staff working here, and have had NO turnover this past year! The Presentation community is very diverse in terms of age and ethnicity, and many different languages are spoken here. However, we enjoy learning about one another’s cultures, sharing smiles, laughter and respect, and creating a community of which I am SO proud to be a part! I want to give a special thank you to all the hard-working and loving staff who make Presentation center so special: our nurses, Urszula Munka and Lana Samarina; Social Workers, Francis Quach and Anna Wu; Activity Coordinator, Sandia Bruno; Physical Therapist, Karen Ande; Occupational Therapist, Jamie Lew; Rehab Aides, Carmen Joe and Edgar Cuaton; Medical Biller, Victoria Lesigues; Dietician, Monvipa San Pietro; Kitchen Aide, Karen Lee; and Dayroom Program Aides, Amy Rong, Carol Liu, Mei Yan, Young Lim, and Jo Gratil. Our volunteers Thomas Huynh, Jay Rist, Gus Rox, Tutone Naranjo, Xiu Chan Zhang, Juan Yu Chen, Nhaya Mohammed, Janet Gee, Polly Baroco and Oliver round out the amazing team here. We invite you to stop by Presentation center during program hours to take a tour and share the warmth and good cheer. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy holiday season!
Nicole Clause, Program Director
Presentation Center



This year at Mabini has been full of adventure, celebration, and wellness thanks to our dedicated staff who continue to provide excellent services supporting the elderly and disabled participants that make up our community.

We offered more fieldtrips giving participants the opportunity to enjoy one-another’s company while exploring new places and activities. We went bowling at Yerba Buena, we checked out the new AC Transit Center, we visited Japan Town, we went shopping at Costco, and we shared a Dim Sum lunch in Chinatown.

Mabini likes to celebrate! A few celebratory highlights include a Chinese New Year performance, an Independence Day party, and a Halloween Kid’s Costume Parade. To support the wellness of our participants we implemented new monthly cooking and gardening groups. And to stay fit participants attended weekly walking groups, an on-going Dynamic Movement and Qi Gong group with Janet, weekly Tai Chi classes with Sally (our in-house Physical Therapist), and Seated Yoga with Ray.
Melissa MacDonald, Interim Program Director
Mabini Day Health

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